This is your project and your community, and you know them best. We're here to help you refine your vision and turn it into a reality. Our diverse team of industry experts allows us to offer truly comprehensive facility planning services—something that sets us apart in our industry and ultimately translates to big savings for you.

Satisfied Nexus Clients

"As you consider facility management companies, I want you to know that Nexus Solutions is everything it promises on paper and more…Their highly-talented team provided the expertise, leadership and customer focus every school district should receive from a facility management firm."

- Joe Price, Lakewood Elementary School


We build long-lasting educational and professional environments that add value to the communities around them, looking beyond infrastructure and energy to create inspired spaces that promote creativity in work and play. Whether you're working on a retrofit, an addition or an entirely new building, we can support every aspect of your facility project from start to finish.

Master Planning With Nexus

Leaders in Facility Planning

With Nexus, you get all the experts you need around one table. 

We’re the only professional services team offering comprehensive solutions from a single point of accountability, and the benefits show up everywhere: in our pricing, in our project management efficiency, and in the high-performance environments we deliver at the finish line.

School Funding With Nexus

Proven Financial Know How

We help you identify funding solutions to get the most accomplished with the least impact on your community.

After conducting a thorough financial analysis and working to identify funding sources for your project, we'll help you develop a pragmatic financial solution that meets stakeholder approval. 

Top Engineers in Industry at Nexus

Cutting-Edge Engineering

All of our engineering is done in-house to ensure both competitive pricing and efficient planning.

Our engineers are some of the best in the country, so whether you’re revitalizing an existing facility or building a new one, we help you design and implement a cost-effective system for controlling the comfort, quality and consistency of your facility.

Facilities Construction with Nexus

Single-Source Accountability

We know facility projects can be done on time and on budget—if they are managed effectively. 

Our construction managers are committed to your implementation plan. They evaluate and monitor subcontractors, adhere to schedules and budgets, then communicate progress with you every step of the way. Your project is not complete until what was planned and promised is designed and built. 


It's simple. Our comprehensive facilities package is the best way to lower your project costs and eliminate the stress of managing multiple resources. Unlike an energy company, we can also address your educational and funding needs. Unlike a general contractor, we can also address your engineering and energy conservation needs. We manage every aspect.