Your In-House Team

Whether you’re revitalizing an existing facility, or building from the ground up, we’ll help you implement a cost-effective system for controlling the comfort, quality, and consistency of your facility. Our team of engineers will design and implement control systems to monitor your facility’s air quality, thermal comfort, lighting, and fire control. By increasing the comfort of your facility, you’ll help…

We're one of the few, vendor-neutral companies that can help you create sustainable, functional and safe facilities. Our in-house experts provide single-source accountability, while identifying and managing the contractors best-suited for your project. Once your plan is approved and funds are secured, we help you build it with:

  • Architects who understand the importance of natural daylight and flexible spaces for 21st century learning environments
  • Design Engineers who provide innovative mechanical/electrical/plumbing plans for accurate pricing/bidding
  • Energy Engineers focused on utilizing modern, energy-efficient materials and methods to help minimize your operational and deferred maintenance costs
  • Construction Managers who understand the importance of communicating progress and provide clear, timely updates about project milestones, deadlines and any other details that may impact you and your community
  • Commissioning agents (BCxA certified) who provide professional, detailed mechanical and electrical commissioning

Our skilled project management team will keep your project moving forward on-time and on-budget, from the assessment and analysis phase, all the way through to project completion.