Your school is a symbol of pride in your community and we can help you keep it that way. Nexus specializes in providing K-12 school districts with comfortable, safe and innovative solutions. Our work isn’t just about developing buildings that check off all the right boxes. It’s about creating thriving facilities that enhance student outcomes, promote creativity and increase community value. After 25 years developing over a billion dollars’ worth of K-12 facility improvements, we’ve gained deep expertise in building spaces that are functional and inspirational.

Air Quality, Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency


Creating comfortable, functional and efficient facilities is critical to long-term success, and redirects resources to educating students. We analyze the physical condition and operational costs of your existing facilities to help you determine what can be repaired or renovated affordably.

Secure Entrance and Improved Fire and Security Systems


School safety is the top priority for many school improvement projects. We conduct a thorough review of your facilities—including school grounds, buildings, communication systems, mechanical systems and emergency power to help you address any security challenges your district may be facing.

Inspired and Flexible Learning Space for Educational Adequacy


Research has shown there is a direct correlation between learning environments and student performance. Our master planning expertise includes assessing your ability to accomplish educational goals based on enrollment, capacity, quality, layout, technology and aesthetics of your facilities.


Educators appreciate our ability to develop truly comprehensive plans which are carefully tailored to their school's needs and goals. As a true professional services company, we have the luxury of being 100% client-focused and vendor neutral. We’re here to represent you, to support your vision and achieve the best results for your project. 

Our client-focused approach to facility projects is uniquely holistic, thanks to the range and level of expertise we’re lucky enough to have on our team. Developing the most effective technical and financial solution means listening to you every step of the way.

First Step in Facility Planning

Know your community:

  • Identify and understand your long-term goals
  • Listen to your ideas and expectations
Comprehensive Analysis of School Facilities

Identify your needs:

  • Demographics
  • Facility Conditions
  • Educational Adequacy
  • Financial Analysis
Financial and Technical School solutions

Develop your solution:

  • Technical & Financial
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Community Review
  • Refine & Approve
Engineering and Construction Management

Manage your plan:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Energy Conservation
  • Construction & Commissioning


You want to keep your students healthy, safe, comfortable and inspired for decades to come.  We want to help.