Superintendents and Administrators Applaud Nexus for their Solutions

Superintendents and administrators at over 19 school districts across Wisconsin and Minnesota have documented the success of their Nexus Solutions facilities projects. Their reports are focused on the value of building an on-going, efficient and trusting relationship. “Together, we have collaboratively brought our comprehensive facility enhancements to near completion and all stakeholders are pleased with the results,” says Dr. Claire Martin, former Superintendent of the School District of Chilton, WI. “Looking back on our journey, I knew that our success lies in the successful relationship we developed with Nexus.”

With more than 20 years K-12 and higher education experience, Nexus Solutions has successfully developed more than a billion dollars’ worth of comprehensive facility improvements. Nexus Solutions prides itself on delivering performance on all levels, from developing thriving facilities to enhancing student outcomes and increasing community value. “The school board approved an amount of $6,675,000 for our building update project with Nexus Solutions,” says Larry Gierach, Superintendent of Schools in Necedah, WI. “The confidence to go forward with this was based on the solid relationships that were established early on with the Nexus Solutions people.”

Honesty, integrity and work ethic drive the Nexus team and the best project outcome for school districts. “Over the course of the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Nexus Solutions on the planning, development and construction of $11 million in transformative facility improvements to Lakewood Elementary School,” says Joe Price, District Administrator for Lakewood School in Twin Lakes, WI. “Approximately half of the project required board approval, and the other half went to referendum which was approved weeks later with over 77% public support. This success was a testament to the expertise and collaborative abilities of Nexus.”

Deborah Smith