A View of School Facilities Projects from Across the Table

I’ve worked with just about every approach to construction there is. Through the process, I’ve learned that anyone can come in and tell me what my needs are and how my functionality needs to change, but few can help me figure out how to make those changes happen. They say, “You’ve got several million in construction here.” And, I’m thinking, “Good luck finding the money!” And, even if I find the money, I still have to pull all the pieces together. Sound familiar?

As the former Director of Business Services for the Centennial School District in Minnesota, I know that when it comes to building projects, most often, schools struggle with figuring out where to start. Who can I go to for help with finding out what my educational deficiencies are? How do I find people who know education and can talk to our teachers and principals about what needs to be done to move forward with 21st Century learning?

Over my 44-year career in school administration, the only solution I found for pulling all the pieces together was Nexus Solutions. They came to the table as my one point of contact for everything, whatever the subject. That approach made sense to me. In addition to planning, designing and building, they helped me get DOE approval and put my financing package together.

With Nexus, it was start to finish, which is what I most appreciated. They asked, “How do your kids learn and how do we translate that into building?” And then, they moved on from there. They identified a structure for a bond issues and minimized impact on the tax payers. They did bid spec development, managed the bidding and advertising process and they managed construction. If I had an architect I liked, they added them to the team. Throughout the process, they paid attention to students, education and community performance.

It’s unique for people without education degrees to be able to pull the pieces of school facilities projects together and understand them all. The key for me was Nexus listened to our teachers and administrators and put something together that is what we wanted, not something they thought we should have.

Nexus will plan, fund and build your project from start to finish, saving you time and stress. They take the best approach to construction support that I’ve ever experienced and it’s why I hired them for school facilities projects across three school districts. It’s also why I recently joined their staff as an educational consultant.