We get to know your facilities inside and out. You get the most comprehensive facilities plan in the industry.



Master planning includes more than infra-structure and energy. For the best results, our plans are based on a clear understanding of your community, future demographics and educational adequacy. We bring innovative financial solutions, excellent communication, keen political awareness and solid consensus building to the planning process. We listen and understand. 



Building quality learning environments can be done on time and within budget if managed effectively, and Nexus is committed to helping you do just that. Our construction managers ensure subcontractors understand the scope, evaluate and monitor the work, communicate progress and adhere to the project plan. We're your representative. 


Funding solutions should be tailored for each customer to accomplish the most and impact taxpayers the least. Our financial expertise has helped lead the way for many of our clients to address necessary facility improvements. After conducting a financial analysis and identifying funding sources, we help you develop a pragmatic financial solution. We get you more for your money. 



Reducing operating costs of aging equipment and conserving energy are the most common goals of a facility improvement plan, and our experts are proven in all aspects of energy use. We will provide accurate analysis, solid recommendations and savings guarantees – balancing the costs and savings for your project. We save you money. 


True in-house engineering is uncommon in our industry, yet it is a notable advantage for Nexus clients. Our team of innovative engineers has experience with typical energy conservation measures, as well as cutting-edge sustainable designs. We provide quality plans for competitive pricing that meet the scope and budget of our clients. We're your in-house team. 



Your project isn't complete until new systems have been reviewed to ensure everything works as designedOur certified commissioning team will also recommission buildings if there is a change in use, operational performance or any other need identified in the initial commissioning step. We make sure everything works. 

Clients appreciate our all-inclusive, hassle-free, customer-focused approach to facility planning and we're confident you will too.